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Umbiflow ii


What is Umbiflow?

Umbiflow is a sophisticated portable continuous wave Doppler with a bi-directional indication of blood flow velocity in the umbilical cord. This type of ultrasound Doppler technology allows health care practitioners to assess placental function, which is, in essence its ability to supply sufficient oxygen and nutrition to the growing fetus. The Doppler measurement is used to recommend specialist intervention should the fetus be at risk. Umbiflow was specifically designed for use by nursing staff and midwives at primary health care facilities and antenatal clinics in remote and low-resource settings.

Umbiflow consists of a self-contained software programme and a vascular transducer in the form of a hand-held probe that plugs into the USB port of a computer (desktop, notebook or tablet). The USB port provides power to the probe and facilitates the signal transfer to a software application. The software processes the Doppler ultrasound signals to generate a high- quality waveform depiction of the umbilical blood flow, and automatically calculates the so-called “resistance index” (RI) which can be directly linked to the functioning of the placenta. The blood flow umbilical cord is also audible in the loudspeakers and a digital interface allows the user to print the test results.

Umbiflow is connected via the mobile network, and allows for remote expert monitoring so that centrally located obstetricians. It can provide support to nurses in the field in real-time. The measurements taken at the clinic are automatically and securely uploaded to a central server for information sharing across different levels of care, and potential interoperability with other devices. The telemedicine aspect of the solution also provides the additional benefits of quality assurance, system surveillance as well as electronic health record management.


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