Authors: Bruno Paul Stefan van Eck & Felicia Snyman

Keyword: job creation, migrant workers, social grant, social protection, South Africa


Agenda 2063: A1, A2

The majority of migrant workers target those countries in southern Africa that have stronger economies. Irregular migrants are in a particularly vulnerable position, and this article discusses the protection that this category of persons may expect to experience in the southern African region. It traverses the international, continental and regional instruments providing protection to irregular migrants, and considers the constitutional and legislative frameworks in relation to social protection in Botswana and South Africa. The article concludes by recommending that the broader notion of “social protection”, rather than the narrower concept of “social security”, should be emphasized. Job creation programmes are essential. It suggests that the advantages of the free movement of people in the region should be explored and encouraged. The article also supports the notion that a regional policy that seeks to balance the flow of migrants in the Southern African Development Community should be adopted.