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About Aquatrip

Aquatrip is a permanently installed water leak protection system that monitors water flow into your property 24/7 and cuts the water supply when a leak is detected. The system also enables users to accurately monitor and control water consumption.

The primary function of Aquatrip is to protect against water leaks. Aquatrip constantly monitors water flow into a property’s plumbing systems and shuts off the water supply immediately when a leak is detected. By programming the Aquatrip’s control unit to take cognisance of normal water usage patterns, the system is able to distinguish between normal water use and a problematic water leak.

The system can be programmed to completely ignore water use during certain high-usage periods, and can also detect water flow of as little as 50ml (1.7oz) per minute when water should not be in use.

Aquatrip is based on an Australian patent by former South African.


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This innovation was designed by Aquatrip (Plumex), and is supported by the Water Technologies Demonstration ProgrammeMore information is available on its website.